Congratuations Dale and Sherri to their new addition Razzo, a Dutch Shepherd pup, born and raised here at Hundeskool.
Razzo is growing up into a nice fine Dutch Shepherd. He has a wonderful family to call his own.
Busy is a young Malinois pup full of energy and having a ball playing with the Teether Tug.
Good old Chloe is still going strong. Almost 14 years old and active with no signs of slowing down =)
Working on our focus and obedience under distractions at Tractor Supply. Toby has come along nicely.
Some training with Anakin and his family from Columbia, SC.
Super cute and smart 12 week old Pitbull pup Curry.
Super handsome boy Bixby visiting from Charleston, SC.
Bacco is working on his obedience while out and about. Such a cute and happy pup.
Anna is certified drug and firearm detection dog who develope some fear issues. After a couple of weeks she has relaxed and is now able to work again.
Cute as a button. 7 months old Labradoodle Jacob from DooSouth Kennel.
Sweet little Thor. 7 months old German Shepherd pup.
Very handsome Loki. 16 months old German Shepherd from Mauldin.
Almost all grown up. Major came when he was only a few weeks old...now he's a handsome 6 moths old.
Sofie is back and and fininshed her narcotics detection training with getting certified through NNDDA and AWD. She has grown into a very energetic and confident young German Shepherd and has been working for a few months now as a drug detection dog.
So proud of this young handler and our boy Judah. He matured into a handsome boy and both passed the Narcotics Detection certification in Texas.
Although it is hard to see our dogs go, it's all worth while when they end up with great handlers.
Nothing better than playing frisbee in the early mornings with fog...Hound Of Baskerville flashback. Nice solid black GSD Bain.
Searching an 18-wheeler in TN for drugs with K9 Judah. He rocked it!
We are always happy so see our dogs and their hooman partners becoming a well balanced pack as Rachel and her German Shepherd beast Abu =)
Accelerant Detection Dog in training Lucy. Accelerant Detection is trained by our partner Batallion Chief Roger Means of North Spartanburg Fire Department.
Detection K9 Misha is getting a break from work and enjoying himself at the lake.
Sledge is doing his thing. Friend and great trainer Stefan Nadzam from World Class Canine Charlotte is relaxed while watching his dogs Sledge take a bite out of decoy Justin Witte.
Judah and Ziva are keeping a watchful eye over the hotel room during an AWD seminar.
Rudy got this summer hair cut. Rudy came to us before for training and comes back for boarding while getting a little refresher on obedience =)
We always try to stay up-to-date with new training methods as here at a Randy Hare seminar in Tennesse. (Picture: Vicky Copeland & Judah)
Friend and wonderful man Mark Leamer with one of his grandsons Kujo. We are so blessed to have Mark here at Hundeskool several times a year for seminars.
Geist is a powerful young German Shepherd. Currently being started on nosework.
Bain is a beautiful solid black German Shepherd. Bain stayed with us for 4 weeks for obedience training.
So proud of Ace, one of our own offsprings for passing his AD and BH out in California. Way to go Ace!
Mari is a STiD (Service Dog in Training). Besides her natural gift of being able to detect an oncioming seizure, Mari is learning a wide range of commands in assisting her handler with every day tasks.
Sofie, a beautiful German Shepherd, was imported by her owners. She's been at Hundeskool to learn her basic obedience and is mastering the agility course.
Mike and Butch are becoming a great team. Butch has been started on narcotics and is doing great.
Little Malinois Uziel started her training on narcotics detection and is learning the object guard.
Strudel, a one year old German Shapherd came to learn his manners.
Neeka, a one year old German Shepherd, is learning to sit politely to be petted.
Bear, a 14 months old Rottweiler...relaxing =)
Daisy, a wonderful level-headed Malinois from FL. Showing off her obedience in downtown Greenville.

Lana is a beautiful Siberian Husky. Like most working dogs, she is full of energy and loves to pull something. It is important for working dog breeds to get plenty of exercise to keep them balanced and happy.

Lucy is a 5 months old German Shepherd. A bundle full of energy and attitude ;)

Abu (Azlan vom Kriegerblut), a 4 months old German Shepherd. Full brother to Aleia and out of our very own Diva Vom Haus Shekinah.

Kaylee is doing some obedience with Luke, a 2 year old German Shepherd.

Misha, a 4 year old Belgian Shepherd. A working narcotic detection dog.

Remy, 1 year old Goldendoodle - one of the best ones I've seen so far. Very smart and a wonderful personality with all the goofiness of a Doodle.

Ulrich, 17 months old German Shepherd.

Kenai, one of our very own pups from the Smmer 2013. Kenai joined Keeva and his new family in Atlanta, GA.

Bullet, our neighbor's cutest puppy yet. A Rat Terrier.

Zahne, sweet German Shepherd male.

Aleia, 4 month old German Shepherd female with great ball drive. Aleia is now all grown up and a working police K9 in NC.

Moxie, a beautiful 14 months old Doberman female. Playful and protective. She was a joy to have.

Very nice Loki at 7 months old. Loki is the man in the house while his family is waiting on Daddy to return from overseas.

Beautiful Jazz (mother to Keeva, Anja and Luke).

Gracie, 7 months old Husky/Lab mix. Playful and a whole lot of hunt drive. Gracie is from Hendersonville, NC.

Anja vom Haus Ironworks. Beautiful solid black female German Shepherd out of Jazz.

Keeva, 1 year old German Shepherd. Keeva is Luke's full sister and lives with her family in Atlanta, GA.

Jagger, 11 months old Alaskan Malamute. Very friendly and enjoys playing with the rest of the pack.

Molly, 7 months old Golden Retriever. Great little hunter with a friendly quirrly personality.

Aslan, 9 months old Malinois from Logan Haus Kennels. Energetic with lots drive and full bite.

Our boy Luke (on right) and his new friend 4 months old Doberman Pincher Loki. 
Abby is a true female black Labrador Retriever and loves water.  She has a great family and loves the children.
Drako is back for a few days to get a break.
Our newest addition is 11 months old "Z".  Z belongs to the USAR team TF-1 and will be trained to locate people in disaster situations.  Please check out the SC-USAR team and all the great men and women who donate their time and talents for the good of other.

If you are interested in becoming part of this team visit their website: http://www.sctf1.sc.gov/

Basil is a 1 year old German Shepherd and is Scooter's brother.  Basil doesn't think of himself as a Shepherd but rather as a hairy human royalty.
Baggie is a working K9 (Black Labrador Retriever)  He has been trained to sniff out explosives.  Here is enjoying his time off from work and enjoys playing ball and cool down in the pool.
Scooter is a 1 year old German Shepherd who spend 4 weeks at Hundeskool to learn his obedience.  Scooter and his sister Gretchen will be back in a few days to take a vacation.
A very pregnant Jazz.  Only days away from the delivering her puppies.  The puppies were born on January 5, 2012.  2 B&T boys, 5 females(1B&T, 4 black)
Shank, a 9 months old Parson Russell Terrier.  Little rascal is full of never-ending energy.  Under the AKC recognized standard, the size of the breed was narrowed from the previous club's standard and the name of the AKC recognized Jack Russell Terrier was changed to Parson Russell Terrier
Abby, a very friendly and playful Labradoodle.  At first a bit shy and timid but will warm up fast and is then full of energy.  Very sweet girl!
Ace vom Haus Ironworks...13 week old German Shepherd puppy and our newest Hundeskool project.  Ace is a working dog prospect and has started his training.
Congratulations to Liesel and her new German Shepherd puppy.

Liesel and her family came all the way from Atlanta to pick up their newest family member.

Rocky, a very smart 1 year old Golden Retriever, stayed with us at Hundeskool for 4 weeks.  He learned is commands and in a heart beat.  Highly motivated by a ball reward.

He lives on his own private lake and enjoys his family.

Stryker is an Arson Detection dog for the NSFD. Stryker is a black Labrador Retriever who is trained accelerant detection dog. Stryker gives a passive alert by sitting and pointing with his nose to an accelerant. Stryker and his handler assist fire departments, law enforcement, Spartanburg County Fire Investigation Team, and other surrounding teams. If you would like more information about Stryker you may contact Capt. Means at rmeans@nsafd.
Max a German Shepherd/Malinois stayed in Boarding Skool for obedience training. Max, a beautiful 10 month old German Shepherd/Malinois, stayed with us in Boarding Skool for his obedience training.  He is a wonderful smart dog with lots of energy. 

He lives with his family and two young children and will be a great companion and protector of his pack. 

Weimeraner pup Spiller Weimeraner puppy Spiller is a very smart and gorgeous boy.  He learns quickly and has all the typical Weimeraner goofiness. He will be a very big boy.
Renee with German Shepherd Ika vom Haus Ironworks German Shepherd Ika vom Haus Ironworks C.G.C and her owner Renee.  Ika was trained in obedience and trailing and made a great addition to Renee's family.  She is a very sweet big girl and absolutely adores children and is very protective of her favorite one of all...Carson.
Jim and Patrick with German Shepherd V Henny vom Seebergblick.

Jim McEuen's beautiful German Shepherd Henny vom Seebergblick SchH2 (VHS Dogs) on some basic bite work training with Patrick.

Jim breeds quality working line German Shepherds with solid nerves, a sound temperament, and a high drive; yet stable enough to be trusted with your family.

Vicky with German Shepherd Asco vom Haus Shekinah

Another of Jim's beautiful German Shepherds Asco vom Haus Shekinah BH, practicing some focused healing with Vicky.

Jim strives to breed dogs to excel in Schutzhund, obedience, agility, working K9, SAR and most importantly, to be a family companion and protector.

Kaylee with Diva vom Haus Shekinah Junior dog trainer Kaylee with German Shepherd Diva vom Haus Shekinah C.G.C, working on some basic obedience. Nice focus.
Jesse and his Mountain Cur Gambit

Jesse and his Mountain Cur Gambit C.G.C (Breeder: Mike Cooley, Belton, SC) working on the agility course.

Gambit is currently trained as a SAR air scent dog.

Vicky and Jill with her Mountain Feist Phineas

Vicky and Jill working Phineas, Jill's 6 month old Mountain Feist  (Breeder: Mady Chapman, Pickens, SC).

Phin has passed his AKC S.T.A.R. puppy and is being trained as a HRD dog.

Jill and her Mountain Feist on the A-frame. Jill and her 6 months old Mountain Feist working on the obstacle course.  Even he smallest ones master to overcome the A-frame.
Sarah and her dog Brent

Sarah and her Husky/SharPei Brent working on the A-frame obstacle. 

Brent is currently trained as a SAR air scent dog.

Roger and Golden Retriever in training Abby. Roger and a one year old Golden Retriever female Abby in training.  Abby went through 4 weeks of obedience training and is now working on mastering the agility course.
Dallas, Shadow, Ziva Down - Stay! Beautiful German Shepherd Dallas, Shadow, a Great Dane/Weimeraner  and black German Shepherd Diva vom Haus Shekinah.
Kaylee with Diva vom Haus Shekinah

Diva vom Haus Shekinah C.G.G (Breeder: Jim McEuen, AZ) is currently trained as a SAR air scent dog.

She is a very sweet solid black German Shepherd with a great pedigree.

Labrador Retriever Rustie and Shadow Senior citizen yellow Labrador Retriever Summer's Rustie Fairy Tale and Great Dane/Weimeraner Shadow are enjoying an afternoon on the lake on a hot summer day.
Kaylee with Ziva and Anatolian Shepherd Luca Kaylee with German Shepherd Diva vom Haus Shekinah and Anatolian Shepherd Luca (Owner: Troi Huber)
Bavarian Gebirgsbracke (Owner: Anja Weber) Bavarian Gebirgsbracke (Owner: Anja Weber)

The Bavarian Mountain Hound (Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund)  are descended from the original hunting dogs, the 'Bracken' have the finest nose for following ground scent and trail; they are firm on scent, have a strongly developed will, to follow a trail and readily give tongue on scent.

German Shepherd Trooper German Shepherd Titan Trooper owned by Twyla Terry, TN.  Trooper is a very obedient a loyal German Shepherd.  The perfect model of the old traditional German Shepherd lines.
Rustie, Lexie and Shadow Weimeraner girl Lexie (in the middle).  Very energetic young girl but very loving and sweet.
German Shepherd Drako vom Haus Shekinah German Shepherd Drako vom Haus Shekinah.  Full brother to Diva vom Haus Shekinah.  Drako is full of energy with a very strong ball drive.  He is currently being trained as a HRD dog.


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