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We offers several different courses to fit your needs. All courses except for "Boarding Skool" will be private and held at our location and other public locations like parks, downtown, neighborhoods.

We train with motivation by shaping and marking the desired behavior or command.  While corrections certainly have a place in training, they should not be used unfairly. But only after a dog fully understood what's expected. Dogs learn by trial & error. They perform behaviors because they work. If a behavior works and they get what they want, they will do it again. If a behavior doesn't work and won't get them what they want, they will try something else.

Unfortunately most pet owners look at their pets as if they were humans with the same understanding and reasoning skills but they are not. As much as we can teach our pets to responds to cues and commands, they are still dogs with their own code of language. In all fairness to the dog, we need to understand a dog's natural behavior and try to communicate in a language that is clearly understood by the dog.

AKCís Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program is one of the most rapidly growing programs in the American Kennel Club. There are many exciting applications of this wonderful, entry level that go beyond the testing and certifying of dogs.

Have you ever considered being acknowledged for the hard work and commitment you put into your four-legged friend? Then consider the AKC CGC followed by AKC CGCA. For more information please click here!

Have you ever heard of Nose Work or scent work? It's a relatively new sport for pet dogs and their owners, created and sanctioned by the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW). The activity is similar to the training professional scent detection dogs ("sniffer dogs") receive. Elements of the training are used in K9 nose work, but for recreational purposes only and for legal substances. Scent work encourages your dog to use his natural hunting drive and unique talent for picking up scents and locating the source. Scent work training teaches your dog to find one of three odors, wherever they are hidden. In Nose work competitions, there are four locations involved in searching: interiors, exteriors, containers, and vehicles. K9 nose work isn't an obedience-based activity. Instead, it works with your dog's natural instinct to hunt and track scents. There are few commands given during the activity, and no attention to the owner is required while the dog is working.

If you are interested in any scent work contact us. Even if there is no desire to comepte in any trials, scent work is a fun game to play with your pet even at home and keeps your dog mentally stimulated.

Boarding Skool Basic Obedience $1500

Your dog will stay with one of our trainers for 4-6 weeks at their home depending on their training. Basic obedience will be taught throughout the duration of the training. At the completion of the training we will go over every aspect of the training with the owner to ensure commands, praise/reward and corrections are given correctly and approprietly. Here are some examples of commands that could be taught:

  • Sit-stay
  • Down-stay
  • Recall (come on 20 foot long line leash) with distractions
  • Leave it command
  • Loose Leash walking (no pulling)
  • Off “no jumping”
  • Beginner of-leash commands
  • Wait
  • How to meet and greet
  • Socialization (simply means the dog is confident in any situation, it does not mean it has to get along with every dog)

The success of training strongly depends on three factors: an ownerís willingness to heed the advice of the trainer (the professional), proper reinforcement at home and maintaining and an open line of communication with the trainer.

In the transition phase daily maintenance and reinforcing is a must. By not following trainerís advice, the canine most likely will revert back to its old routine.

Evaluation/Consultation $60

Our first visit will be to evaluate the dog and its surrounduing approprietly. We will discuss some of the problems you may have with your dog and how they could be solved, we will look at potential problem areas and will try to explain why and how they possibly were created. We then design a custom training plan for you and your dog with realistic goals. Only if you are willing to invest time and energy and to stay positive throughout training, the one-on-one sessions will be successful. Clear, consistant commands will ensure your dog has a clear understanding what's expected of him or her. Obedience training for your dog will not relinquish the owners responsibility to maintain and upkeep the training. Just like a vehicle that needs engine tuning, oil changes, new tires etc., your dog also requires consistent interaction and training. Realistic goals for you and your dog are common sense.


Private One-On-One Obedience Sessions $50

If you are interested in getting the training alongside your dog and you are willing and committing to daily exercises with your dog, the one-on-one sessions might be prefered over the board and train. Success will greatly depend on the owner's willingness to follow the suggestions of the trainer and his or hers ability to stay consistent and committed throughout.

We do, on occasions, make house calls. Depening on location a session can cost between $60-$90.

Scentwork Sessions $45

Scentwork sessions will prepare you and your dog for the sport of Nosework. A detection sport where the K9 (your dog) will learn to hunt and recognize 3 odors (birch, anis & clove). Althought a final indication/response is not required, we do suggest it. We not only will teach you and your dog to be successful in this new and exciting sport but we also will teach the handler about scent movement and how to set up your dog for success. First step in the scentwork training will be to successfully pass the ORT (Odor Recognition Test). We then will build from there to become efficient in all 4 areas (interior, exterior, vehicles and containers).


Basic Obedience
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Recall (come on 20 foot long line leash)
  • Leave it command
  • Loose Leash walking (no pulling)
  • Off “no jumping”
  • Appropriately meeting dogs and humans
  • Certification of completion
  • AKC STAR Puppy testing if desired
  • AKC CGC testing if desired (depending on age)
Advanced Obedience

Prerequisite: CGC or or comparable skill level.

  • Sit-stay with distractions;
  • Down-stay with distractions
  • Recall with distractions
  • Working on focused heeling
  • Off-leash commands
  • Drive building
  • AKC CGCA testing if desired.
Specialized Training

Aleia Vom Kriegerblut, certified Narcotics Detection DogImprinting/odor recognition for detector dogs. Contact us for more details.

  • Narcotics
  • Human Remains
  • Accelerants
  • Explosives
  • ScentWork for civilians (Nosework)
Interested in the work of a Therapy Dog?

If you would like to donate your time and think you have a dog that will be suitable for a Therapy Dog, give us a call.  We will evaluate your dog and guide you into the right direction.

Why is it so expensive to train my dog?

It is not as expensive as you may think. Simply boarding a dog at a decent facility can cost you up to $38+/day. Additional services may cost you extra. Boarding your dog for 4 weeks could cost you $1000+ and that is without any training. We at Hundeskool don't take on several dogs either. We will take in one or two dogs at a time to make sure the proper amount of time is spend with your pet. Our training starts at only $50/day.

What to expect when you visit us for the first time.
German imports SchH2 Henny vom Seebergblick

During our first visit we will discuss all the problems you may have with your dog.  During the visit with your family and pet we will design a custom training plan with realistic goals.

Not all dogs are the same, they all learn, think and behave differently, so after training hundreds of dogs for more than 25 years, we have found that handling each dog as an individual insures the best results. Makes sense doesn’t it? Cookie cutter training is not allowed at Hundeskool! This is why we offer a multitude of dog friendly options to train your pet to be a happy, obedient member of your family and teach you the correct way of rewarding/praising your dog and when it needs to be corrected.

Just imagine the average American dog lives 12.8 years, and in as little as 4 weeks - 6 weeks you can greatly improve the lives of yourself and your pet.

What training is right for me?
Itzy's puppies 2009
  • Do you have the time for 1 hour weekly session and about a total of 30 min. of daily dog training, on top of work, kids, homework, soccer, baseball and ballet classes?

No? How about Boarding Skool? We take your dog and train it for you. The dog will spend 4 - 6 weeks with us in our home. Afterwards we will offer a "join-up" and train you on how to use the commands and maintain behaviors. It is still up to you, the dog owner to maintain the dogs obedience.

  • Will you be able to devote 1 hour a week to a training sessions and a couple of 15-30 minutes every day to dog training homework?

If you can, perfect, we can help you do that as well, with personalized one on one sessions in your home you will learn along side your dog. While this is a good option please note that it will take longer for you and your dog and can be frustrating at times. Consistancy and a positive attitude will determine the success of the one-on-one training sessions.

Boarding and Grooming

Bark 'n Beauty Pet Salon provides a relaxing, personal experience for your pet. Your dog will be treated like he or she is part of the family.

Please feel free to contact Lori Tarnowski-Hannah by calling or send a text to 864-381-PAWS (7297) or email her at barknbeautypetsalon@gmail.com

Full Service Groom:

The AquaNet: Bath incl. nails, pads, sanitary, plaque gel for the teeth, spa facial, external anal glands, hand blow dry, cologne and brush out.

Mini groom incl. nail, pads, sanitary, hair cut, plaque gel for the teeth, spa facial, bath, external anal glands, hand blow dry, cologne and brush out.

The Beehive: Full groom incl. nail, pads, sanitary, light face and feet trim, plaque gel for the teeth, spa facial, bath, external anal glands, hand blow dry, cologne and brush out.

Add-ons: Nail painting, rake out undercoat, work on mats, nail clipping (only) $5.

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We will, on occasions, keep former and current customer's dogs while they are out of town. Please call for more information and availability.