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Exciting things are happening here at Hundeskool. We soon will be relocating to a new facility! We are busting by the seems and it's time to take another step.

We are also proud to announce that we have joined APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and have decided to be come one of their C.L.A.S.S instructor and evaluators.

What is C.L.A.S.S?

Dog Owners: The Canine Life and Social Skills program (C.L.A.S.S.) is a three-level assessment for dog owners to demonstrate the real-life skills of their dogs, as well as a knowledge assessment of the dog owners' understanding of basic dog handling and care. The program, through its assessment levels, curriculum, and training resources, advocates the use of reward-based training. Positive, reward-based training minimizes the use of punishment and is fun for you and your dog! Setting you and your dog up for success!


There is a new fun filled sport sweeping the Nation..."Nosework"! What is "Nosework"? Nosework is a new dog sport where people can train their pets to be detector dogs that indicate on legal odors. No matter what breed, size and temperament the dog is, he or she can be trained to compete in nosework competitions. Contact us to find out more.
We start out scent detection and odor recognition from an enrichment standpoint. If you are interested in competing in trials we will help you to become successful.
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  • Board & Train

  • Basic Obedience   

  • Advanced Obedience

  • STAR Puppy, CGC & CGCA Testing

  • Grooming

  • Human Remains Detection
  • Accelerant Detection

  • Narcotics Detection

  • NACSW approved judge
  • Dog Collages & Art

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Professional Working Dog:

Roger & GoliathOur background in training is in the Search & Rescue field, detection work and assistance/service dogs.  With over 28 years combined experience in OB and detection. Hundeskool, LLC will carefully select and train K-9s for agencies and organizations for all phases of Detection in Arson, Explosives and Narcotics. We are proud to have an accelerant detection trainer who has over 18 year of experience with his own K9s to aid investigators with their fight against Arson.

For our privately owned canines:

Our training is customised uniquely for each of clients and we no longer offer group classes. However we still will hold training days for all our friends and clients to come out train, eat and exchange stories together.

We certified dogs in trailing & tracking as well as certified dogs in HRD, area search, narcotics detection and therapy.

Patrick CheathamMember of AKC, NNDDA, and AWD.

If your organization is interested in professional training for Human Remains, Accelerant and Narcotics Detection, please contact us and also visit KriegerblutK9 for working line German Shepherds.




Looking for a veterinarian? We recommend:

Palmetto Animal Clinic
1248 Southport Rd
Spartanburg, SC 29306

Read more about our GCG and CGCA training and testing. [click here]


We will assist in assessing dogs and finding the right training method for you and your dog to ensure a happy obedient pet.

Happy to us is very important, if your dog only behaves out of fear, or because you bribe him, you are missing out on the full potential of your dog and we are not doing our job. A loved, secure and happy dog will astound you with their abilities.

Unfortunately most dogs in the local animal shelters are taken there not because their family’s didn't love them, it's because of behavior problems resulting from the lack of training. While you and I understand that property and possessions are earned with hard work, your dog doesn’t. We will teach your dog to respect your family's home and possessions and give you years of unconditional love.