Most of the foundation and basic training work is done at the training center's location. However,  we fully appreciate the critical need to take training to the next level; a key aspect of that is offsite training to help handlers and dogs work together in real-world situations once foundation behaviors are understood and reproducible. 

We have clients from all over the US, even as far away as New England, who come for training, boarding, and board & train services. Our clients include pet dog owners, service dog handlers, professional K-9 handlers, Law Enforcement K-9 Units, SAR K-9 teams, and sport dog competitors. 

Hundeskool Trainers offer the following services:

Obedience Training
Detection Training (Nose Work, Narcotics, Accelerant, BB) 
Board and Train Services
Boarding All Breeds (daily, weekly, monthly)
Certification Training for Professional Working K-9s
Training for TDI handlers (certification offered through an independent certifying official)
C.L.A.S.S. Training & Evaluations 
AKC Training & Evaluations (AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, CGC, CGCA, CGC Urban, CGC Farm)
Sport & Working Dog Engagement Training

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Board & Train $1,500

Your dog will stay with one of our trainers for 4 weeks at their home depending on their training. Basic obedience will be taught throughout the duration of the training.  At the completion of the training we will go over every aspect of the training with the owner to ensure commands, praise/reward and corrections are given correctly and appropriately reinforcement at home and maintaining and an open line of communication with the trainer.
The success of training strongly depends on three factors: an owner’s willingness to heed the advice of the trainer (the professional), proper reinforcement at home and maintaining and an open line of communication with the trainer.
In the transition phase daily maintenance and reinforcing is a must. By not following trainer’s advice, the canine most likely will revert back to its old routine.

Evaluation $60

Our first visit will be to evaluate the dog and its surrounding appropriately. We will discuss some of the problems you may have with your dog and how they could be solved, we will look at potential problem areas and will try to explain why and how they possibly were created. We then design a custom training plan for you and your dog with realistic goals. Only if you are willing to invest time and energy and to stay positive throughout training, the one-on-one sessions will be successful. Clear, consistent commands will ensure your dog has a clear understanding what's expected of him or her. Obedience training for your dog will not relinquish the owners responsibility to maintain and upkeep the training. Just like a vehicle that needs engine tuning, oil changes, new tires etc., your dog also requires consistent interaction and training. Realistic goals for you and your dog are common sense.

Private Sessions $50

If you are interested in getting the training alongside your dog and you are willing and committing to daily exercises with your dog, the one-on-one sessions might be preferred over the board and train. Success will greatly depend on the owner's willingness to follow the suggestions of the trainer and his or hers ability to stay consistent and committed throughout.
We do, on occasions, make house calls. Depending on location a session can cost between $60-$90.

Scentwork Sessions $45

Scentwork sessions can prepare you and your dog for the sport of Nosework or simply teach you a new and fun activity to do with your dog.  In Nosework your  K9 (your dog) will learn to hunt and recognize 3 odors (birch, anise & clove). Although a final indication/response is not required, we do suggest it for the competition sport. We not only will teach you and your dog to be successful in this new and exciting sport but we also will teach the handler about scent movement and how to set up your dog for success. First step in the Nosework training will be to successfully pass the ORT (Odor Recognition Test). We then will build from there to become efficient in all 4 areas (interior, exterior, vehicles and containers).
Even if you don't want to compete, scentwork is a fantastic activity to keep your dog's mind busy and entertained.  Scentwork is for any dog and their owner, regardless of age or ability. 

Specialized Training Sessions  -  call for prices 

Ziva with Stefan Nadzam
Please contact us for more information. All drug detection training is limited to LE and contractors.
- Personal Protection
Personal Protection is serious training and bears a great deal of responsibility.  We don't take this kind of training lightly and will seriously and critically evaluate you and your dog.  When it comes to Personal Protection there is only one person we train and decoy with: STEFAN NADZAM
For for information about Personal Protection contact Stefan Nadzam 704-492-8068
- Arson Detection
- Drug Detection
- Service Dogs

Boarding $30

Miniture Schnauzer Zelda
Our boarding clients are usually former board & train or our obedience clients. We treat your dog as one of our own, play ball and hang out together.
Safety is very important to us,  To put your mind at ease, unless the owner permits, we will never turn out your beloved pup with any other dogs.  
We will take in non-client dogs, but our clients take priority.
Contact us for availability.
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